52 Weeks of Color – Coral

Shangri La Style 1-15-2012

When Luna announced the color of coral I didn’t find anything coral in my inventory so I was left browsing the tons and tons of items on market.   I pleasantly came across this skirt which I purchased.  I hadn’t realized how long it was and when I put it on I knew the Coral pumps from Hucci that I had weren’t going to work so I went to find a shirt instead.  I ended up coming across this cute top from The Sea Hole but with the shape of the neckline and style of shirt with the skirt it wasn’t working… paired with this white crop jacket though, it’s perfect.  Then was the dilemma of shoes… at this point I’d already purchased the skirt and top so I was hoping to find boots in my inventory and I tried on a few pairs before it clicked. “I KNOW WHAT BOOTS!” I blurted out to my mom and co-blogger.

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With Love 2 Hunt Preview

The With Love Hunt 2, brought to you by CHIC Management, starts on December 9th until January 6th. Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L with a value at or around 400L.  There are lots of cute prizes to be had and I was lucky enough to be invited to sneak preview some of the items, so here’s a little view. Continue reading

Summer Cuteness

Today’s look was a quick summery fresh look. I’m always a fan of girly with a touch of nerd-dom. Absolutely LOVE these glasses from Alphavillain. I picked them up during one of the Albero festivals and hadn’t ever really looked them over very closely, but they are adorable and unisex. The headband has been one of my favorite pieces for a long time. It is actually a gacha item from Tokidoki, but you can get the whole pack of colors for less than 200L. It’s an awesome buy and is small and simple to match with a variety of looks and hairstyles.

Shangri La Style 6-8-2011 02

Picture Done By Vernice Burks

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Sunday Loungin’

Ahh, Sundays…..the day to catch up on R&R and just lounge to your heart’s content. I decided today would be the perfect day to throw together a quirky lounge outfit to share. I picked up this cute little robe at sf design a while ago on sale, and it’s absolutely adorable. It comes in his/hers if you’re the type to lounge with your special someone in sl. Also great for RP purposes!

I cannot say enough good things about the geniuses behind mon tissu, either. These fabulous Balcon lounge pants, by Elie Spot, are the best quality you’ll find. The pants come with pre fitted his AND hers sizes included, so this whole look overall is unisex. I like the detail in the shadowing and seams…they look incredible standing or lounging and come in a bunch of great colors. I think I must own them in at least 5 colors..they are a definate must have.

Kudos to Turnip Sorbet of Turnip’s Homes and Stuff for this fabulous face mask. I was digging all over for an Avocado face mask, and decided to take a shot in the dark and search several things to see if I might already have one in my black hole of an inventory. This adorable pumpkin face mask was a gift from the Fall season’s hunt and came packaged in the cutest little tube that I’m definately going to include in my bathroom.

Sunday Loungin June 5, 2011

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Impromptu – LOTD 6/1/2011

Shangri La Style 6-1-2011

It all started with the gorgeous maxi skirts from G Field.  Mariah showed up with the purple version, which prompted Vernice to get yellow version. Our new team member Katelynn (you will be seeing more of her soon) then proceeded to pull out the yellow version.  We all styled out skirts different ways according to our own personal styles and had an impromptu photoshoot in Vernice’s backyard. Impromptu photos sometimes make for the best pictures.

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Tribal Chic – LOTD 5/14/2011

I’ve been in love with this outfit and wanted to share so just a little lotd. Curio’s new skin that debuted at the Skin and Shape Expo is just love. Add to that the Inverted hairstyle from Lelutka, an ethnic print top from a new to me store at The Fashion Garret and beautiful jewelry from Samsara (previously Mariposa) makes me a happy girl.
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52 Weeks of Color – Week #11 – Indigo


This week was challenging, not because of the color but because I’ve been sick for about two weeks.  Thank you to the people tha t IM’ed me and wished me well, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.  Anyway, a very fun and flirty look that is also relaxed and season appropriate.  Now if you excuse me, I have a bed with my name on it.

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #6 – Yellow


Week #6 in the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge had me up the walls trying to figure out a decent outfit that didn’t make me look like a traffic sign or like Big Bird. This week I decided to keep it simple and casual and use yellow as an accent to polish up my outfit a bit. I also used some of the fabulous new makeup layers from Exodi to enhance my favorite new skin from [PXL] a bit.
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52 Weeks of Color – Week #5 – Sepia


I’m a week late posting my latest entry for the 52 weeks of color challenge.  Last Monday, my motherboard died on me and I had to wait until a new one was delivered.  Of course, this threw me off on all of my planned blogging for last week and this week.  So lets just pretend that we did a little time travel back to last week and that this color is new. I also am testing out a new blogging format, I like clean lines and the uniformity of it.

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