Accessories Make the Look – LOTD 1/7/2012

Today’s look is all about the accessories.  I started with a very basic outfit, using mesh pieces from Maitreya and celoe.  The fun starts with the accessories!  Brand new mesh shoes and clutch from Hucci forms the color palette of the outfit.  Necklaces from Zaara, earrings from Amorous, and a very funky hairstyle from new hair store Likeli completes this look. Continue reading


Happy Labor Day, America!

For Americans, Labor Day is a day to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.  I don’t know much more about it except that when I was a kid it always meant a day off school which was awesome!
Shangri La Style 9-5-2011

This blog post really came out of nowhere when I was texture shopping at Distressed, located on the Eternidad sim, and saw the adorable landscaping.  As I looked out across the field I spotted this swingset and hopped on in exactly what I was wearing for a photo.  Then I thought I may as well blog it since I had the photo and pretty cute look already done. Continue reading

The Magic of Mesh <333

I was nervous about mesh, I’ll be honest.  Tonight with the newest release from Janie Marlow, I’ve fallen in love with mesh.  How incredible is it that we won’t have sculpts going through our little avi bodies anymore! I’m totally siked!

Shangri La Style 8-23-2011

In order to see mesh items properly you need to be on the latest LL released Beta viewer.  Viewer 3!  Don’t worry, it isn’t so bad! I promise you won’t melt or anything by logging on an LL viewer.  You can read more about mesh on the Second Life Blog

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TDR Blue Mashup 5/15/2011

I meant to get this blog up earlier but I’m kind of an airhead and locked myself out of my Flickr.  I cannot remember the password for anything today so I’m just going to upload it inside of WordPress to share with you all.

The skin and earrings were from TDR blue and the hair is from Pia from Truth.  The top is from Grixdale and is a re-release and the jeans were part of an outfit by Sandie Saenz that I randomly found while searching Marketplace.  The best part is that the entire outfit, jewelry included was just 199L.

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Grixdale LOTD 4/8/2011

Shangri La Style 4-8-2010

This lovely outfit made by Tyr is a new release at a rebranded shop called Grixdale.  You should definately head over and check out the shop, even better right now everything is on sale 50% off from April 7-14!  There are many gorgeous designs to check out and the sale is for a limited time only so don’t walk, run!   I wanted to show you one of their designs and keep the rest very simple so I’ve paired the dress with shoes from Maitreya released last year.  Ignore the botchup of a job to hide the invisprims, they unfortunately do not have the option to wear a 2.0 alpha since this was not yet integrated into the SL viewer.  Also as most of you are aware it’s pose fair time and the pose I’m using is from AVANT (shameless self promotion, check out my booth at pose fair, please)!

Credits after the cut.

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Walk on the Sand 3/27/2011

Shangri La Style 3-27-2010

I have been wanting to blog this little dress for awhile but was having issues with styling and I slipped it on yesterday morning and the rest of what I already had on just worked.  I received a delivery of some Just A Pose goodies and it contained a new pose pack that was perfect for presenting the look so here it is!  This cute little dress was an immediate purchase after NSD store owner Naith Smit posted a photo on plurk.  The shoes are one of my go to pairs and all time favorites.  If you do not own the fatpack of these shoes head to Maitreya now, find the ChiChi pumps and get them all, you won’t regret it.  I like the simplicity of this look… the no fuss appearance which is perfect for these hot summer days approaching.  I don’t know about you but in the summer I don’t spend much fuss putting together elaborate accessory detailing, it’s just too hot for me to bother.  I typically toss on some shorts or a summer dress, some sandals or flip flops, my shades and I’m out the door to enjoy the day.

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PIDIDDLE,Lara Hurley and Line @ Pure Juice


More cuteness from Pure Juice!  There is so much cute stuff that I can’t resist putting together looks using it all.  This look includes items from PIDIDDLE , Lara Hurley Skins and Line which can all be found at Pure Juice when it opens to the public on March 5th!

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week #13 – Emerald


I’m really enjoying these color challenges.  Although I’m gonna be broke from buying something every single week, I love the fact that I can push my styling boundaries every week.  Anyway, I decided to do a dominatrix-ish type look mix with a new jacket from Sn@tch.

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