Femme Boheme – LOTD 7/15/2011

I’ve been embracing my femininity of late through styling.  I’ve been drawn to color pallets of soft pinks, muted green and healthy doses of beige.  Of course, my bohemian roots always find a way to sneak into my styling. Continue reading


Frilly Vest 5/31/2011

We apologize for the delay in updates the past 10 days or so, we were both on a bit of a hiatus while I was on RL vacation and mom was building a new house.

Grixdale is becoming a frequently blogged shop from me and I must say I’m very thankful to be part of the blogger group of the store.  I really do love most of what comes out in the store and although this look came together by off chance with some of the new releases from that shop I really wanted to show off my new shoes!

I can’t say that I’m guilty of going through all the shoe fair sims or that I even purchased more than a handful of items but I absolutely love the pair of shoes I purchased from Pixel Mode.  The proceeds of this shoe went to the charity www.soles4souls.org which “collects new shoes to give relief to the victims of abject suffering and collects used shoes to support micro-business efforts to eradicate poverty”.

Shangri La Style 5-29-2011

The shoes went as a good accessory to my bit of a quirky look today.  I put on a dress from Grixdale and decided it matched well and as I was thinking of a location for the photo I remembered how I always loved the Malt sim owned by designer Khea Karas.  I ventured over to the sim and decided to peek in to the shop to see if I could possibly throw anything over the thin straps of this dress since I always was a fan of Khea’s outerwear.  That’s when the frilly vest came into play which actually became my favorite part of this outfit second to the shoes.

The last thing I wanted to rave about is how adorable this skin is.  I like a very soft and natural skin and I’m so picky about them.  The only ones I’ve ever truly loved were from Exodi and Dutch Touch.  They are the only skins I wore for more than a few days but this Grixdale skin has been on me since it was sent to the blogger group.  Also it was extremely easy to tint the skin to match… truth be told I didn’t have to alter one of the preset skintones on the shoe HUD which makes these shoes even better for me!  This is the darkest tone which was sent.  I’m typically a bit more tan than this and I’m starting to think maybe that is what was making tinting sculpted feet such an impossible task but for now this is the skin I’m in.

Shangri La Style 5-29-2011 close

I grabbed a closeup of my ensemble as well to show you the face of the skin and the adorable jewelry which I received from the Virtual Fashion Feed Blogger Group that I recently was accepted to be a part of.

Credits after the cut.

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Tribal Chic – LOTD 5/14/2011

I’ve been in love with this outfit and wanted to share so just a little lotd. Curio’s new skin that debuted at the Skin and Shape Expo is just love. Add to that the Inverted hairstyle from Lelutka, an ethnic print top from a new to me store at The Fashion Garret and beautiful jewelry from Samsara (previously Mariposa) makes me a happy girl.
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Summer Light – LOTD 4/29/2011

Spring, or as I like to call it “Summer Light” is in full swing around these parts.  The beautiful days are keeping me away from blogging regularly and more towards a “enjoy the day” mindset.  These ultra cute rompers from Hucci and the feather extensions from Pididdle puts me in a very relaxed mood, much like my RL mood.  The April Gift skin from Exodi, which I have basically lived in all month long, just adds the right amount of sun-kissed goodness to keep my mind hazing in the warm Georgian sun.

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CHIC Limited April

Just a little reminder that CHIC Limited is underway!  The event runs from April 16th through April 30 and this month’s theme is Cherry Blossoms.  There are tons of cuteness there, so much so that I couldn’t decide what to show.  I wanted to showcase all of it but my limited time only allows for a taste.  Anyway, make sure you drag your behinds over there and look at all the nice stuff from all the talented designers involved.

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Something Cute 3/23/11

Shangri La Stylle 3-23-11

When my good friend Kianna plurked a preview of her Project Themory items for this past weekend I HAD TO HAVE THEM and I meant to post this sooner but it’s been a hectic weekend of RL traveling so I’m just now getting to it.  This shirt really is one of the cutest I’ve seen in SL in a long time.  It’s been some time since I’ve seen something released that I had to have no matter what the cost.  I put this on as soon as I got my grabby hands on it and haven’t taken it off yet (ewww).  Mind you it’s only been a day and a half but anyway.  I paired it with some of my favorite high wasted jeans and my all time favorite pair of shoes which makes this outfit my new default Quickchange outfit.  You know, for those times when SL just will not rez your avatar and you have to run the character test just to uncloud yourself. You can’t see it very well in this post but the skin I’m in is just GORGEOUS, it’s made by Ryker Beck of Exodi and it’s her newest release called Sylvan.  It is so unique compared to her other releases.  This one has a very soft and face and delicate lip structure; I’d say it’s the little sister to Isolde.  I will be doing a more in depth post of the skin in the coming days so I’ll leave you with the credits for this post for now.  Hope you enjoyed my cute look for today!

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Simplistic – LOTD 3/23/11

Just a little casual look for today.  I really wanted to show off the new gorgeous dresses from Hucci and the awesome sexy shoes from Nardcotix. Make sure you visit both stores to check them out, it is so worth it. Also, why is flickr pixelating my pictures to high hell?  I’m using imgur to host my pictures to keep the pixelating down, but its getting hella frustrating.

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One for the Road – LOTD 2/23/11


I’ve been mulling over this outfit for days now.  Sometimes I put together an outfit for blogging but I feel like it isn’t up to par.  After flipping through hair and shoes, this look finally came through.  I learned two things: 1. I really need to buy updated shoes and 2. I realize that my “blog voice” or just my “typing voice” can come out to be really mean.  So, anyone out there want to take me shopping for non-invisiprim shoes?  I promise that I’m not the barracuda that I sound like at times.

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #6 – Yellow


Week #6 in the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge had me up the walls trying to figure out a decent outfit that didn’t make me look like a traffic sign or like Big Bird. This week I decided to keep it simple and casual and use yellow as an accent to polish up my outfit a bit. I also used some of the fabulous new makeup layers from Exodi to enhance my favorite new skin from [PXL] a bit.
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