52 Weeks of Color – Coral

Shangri La Style 1-15-2012

When Luna announced the color of coral I didn’t find anything coral in my inventory so I was left browsing the tons and tons of items on market.   I pleasantly came across this skirt which I purchased.  I hadn’t realized how long it was and when I put it on I knew the Coral pumps from Hucci that I had weren’t going to work so I went to find a shirt instead.  I ended up coming across this cute top from The Sea Hole but with the shape of the neckline and style of shirt with the skirt it wasn’t working… paired with this white crop jacket though, it’s perfect.  Then was the dilemma of shoes… at this point I’d already purchased the skirt and top so I was hoping to find boots in my inventory and I tried on a few pairs before it clicked. “I KNOW WHAT BOOTS!” I blurted out to my mom and co-blogger.

Details after the cut.

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Femme Boheme – LOTD 7/15/2011

I’ve been embracing my femininity of late through styling.  I’ve been drawn to color pallets of soft pinks, muted green and healthy doses of beige.  Of course, my bohemian roots always find a way to sneak into my styling. Continue reading

52 Weeks of Color – Week #5 – Sepia


I’m a week late posting my latest entry for the 52 weeks of color challenge.  Last Monday, my motherboard died on me and I had to wait until a new one was delivered.  Of course, this threw me off on all of my planned blogging for last week and this week.  So lets just pretend that we did a little time travel back to last week and that this color is new. I also am testing out a new blogging format, I like clean lines and the uniformity of it.

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American Girl 7/4/10

LOTD July 4 2010

I’m so in love with the new Aoharu release and I chose to blog this look because of a few reason.  If you don’t know, I live in America so today is a special day for our country.  I chose the country theme and look because I grew up in a rural area.. just outside the town I grew up in were miles of corn fields and although I didn’t particularly love where I grew up I was so eager to do this style photo and show off this new release.

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Summer Fling LOTD 7/01/10

LOTD July 1 2010

London Dailey had asked on plurk if anyone wanted to be added to her blogger list and I put my name there not expecting to be accepted or anything since Shangri La Style is such a new blog but I’m very thankful that she did add me and this cute and stylish dress is the first thing I get to share with you from her mailing list.
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