Review Copies

Here at Shangri La Style, we would be more than thrilled to showcase your creations!  We generally have three categories of styling: LOTD, Features and Reviews:

  • Look of the Day (LOTD) comprise of a quick styling of different items to make a cohesive look.  LOTD normally will consist of mostly self purchased items, but if your item fits in with the desired look then we will use it in the styling.  These posts are meant to be quick, so therefore a very short description is used and outfit details are used.
  • Features are where we will concentrate on your packaged outfit, with more descriptions and more detailed pictures along with SLURLs for purchasing.  Additional pictures for features/reviews will be included on the writer’s Flickr account.
  • The Review category is reserved exclusively for skins.  We will take pictures of your skin from different angles and highlight the pros and cons.  These pictures will be un-retouched in Photoshop and using a neutral Windlight setting in order to show an unbiased view.  Since these reviews are as honest as can be, we will consult you with our reviews before printing.  Please note: we are not a bashing blog and will not print anything that is very negative in nature without consulting the creator, especially if the product in question was obtained through a review packet.

If you would like your product considered for review on Shangri La Style, please do one of the following:

  • Send us a NC with your store name and a landmark and we will send back items we are interested in blogging for you
  • Send boxed items noted with review copy, including a NC with your store name on it and landmark

Per FTC guidelines, we will denote on the description everything that was not purchased by the writer.  FTC guidelines are located here. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse to blog unsolicited items.

From time to time, we may solicit creators for review copies for features.  If we solicit review copies, we will blog them within a 48 hour window and will leave notice in your preferred way of contact of the blog posting.

If you are interested in using any picture that we take of your item as promotion for your store, please ask the writer permission first as both writers reserve all rights to their photography.

Mariah Urriah and Vernice Burks are the only authorized representatives of Shangri La Style