52 Weeks of Color – Champagne

As many of you know, Luna Jubilee, started a 52 week of color challenge last year and each week bloggers were given a new color.  I think I got about 8 of the weeks and kept meaning to catch up and eventually decided there was no way I could pull it off.  Needless to say I was a happy girl when I saw that she was giving slackers like me another year to redeem themselves so without further holdup lets get this rolling.

Week One: Champagne

Shangri La Style 1-5-2012

Dress: Celoe – Group Gift
Hair: Elikatira – Collabor88
Skin: Dutch Touch
Jewelry: Amorous
Shoes: Lelutka


PS. I know this was probably my laziest blog post to date but I took this photo weeks ago and just now got to editing it up.  (Conveniently just in time for the new cycle of color challenges.)  Also, fair warning… my next post is going to be pretty lazy as well because that photo is from the same day I took this one so same situation. ❤


52 Weeks of Color – Weeks 18 & 19 – Ecru & Umber

I’m way behind on the 52 Weeks of Color challenge, among other things.  This week, I’m sorta back though, I burned myself out with both RL and SL commitments and had to step away and make things enjoyable again.  So without any other delays, here are my versions of ecru and umber:

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #17 – Electric Lime


Wow, week #17!  I never though that my ADHD would keep me going in this challenge, but here I am!  I thought that Electric Lime was gonna be a hard color to pull off, but I was saved this week by newness from /erratic/ and gorgeous makeup from Elegant Epiffany.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week #16 – Teal


Teal is another one of my do not touch colors.  I have plenty of turquoise, but very few pieces of teal.  A trip to one of my fave stores remedied the problem fast and help me put together a casual nod to spring look.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week #13 – Emerald


I’m really enjoying these color challenges.  Although I’m gonna be broke from buying something every single week, I love the fact that I can push my styling boundaries every week.  Anyway, I decided to do a dominatrix-ish type look mix with a new jacket from Sn@tch.

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #11 – Indigo


This week was challenging, not because of the color but because I’ve been sick for about two weeks.  Thank you to the people tha t IM’ed me and wished me well, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.  Anyway, a very fun and flirty look that is also relaxed and season appropriate.  Now if you excuse me, I have a bed with my name on it.

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #9 – Silver


I’m still 52’ing, can’t believe it.  Oh, and I hope all of you all had an awesome winter holidays or whatever you call it, all two of you. Anyway, this week’s color was silver and I was going for a laid back glam look.  I also was supposed to do this week with Vernice but it didn’t happen.  Maybe our next post will be together.  Who knows!

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #8 – Green


YAY GREEN!!!  I was so glad to see this color, so glad in fact that this blog was written on Wednesday morning and published today!  Green is actually a color that I have tons of in my inventory, but instead of blogging something old I did a play on the new-ish and wonderfully sexy Naomi dress from Hucci.  I normally cover up and wear these sorts of dresses as tunics, but I couldn’t resist showing a little leg!

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #7 – Cerise


Cerise.  The color that I mostly avoid.  Sure, I probably have tons of hot pink in my inventory because I have a crazy need to have an item in every single color available but I hardly ever wear this color.  This week I tried to present a different interpretation of cerise that wasn’t Barbie or girly and I ended up with a very different urban styling than my norm.  Thank goodness green is next week’s color.

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