52 Weeks of Color – Coral

Shangri La Style 1-15-2012

When Luna announced the color of coral I didn’t find anything coral in my inventory so I was left browsing the tons and tons of items on market.   I pleasantly came across this skirt which I purchased.  I hadn’t realized how long it was and when I put it on I knew the Coral pumps from Hucci that I had weren’t going to work so I went to find a shirt instead.  I ended up coming across this cute top from The Sea Hole but with the shape of the neckline and style of shirt with the skirt it wasn’t working… paired with this white crop jacket though, it’s perfect.  Then was the dilemma of shoes… at this point I’d already purchased the skirt and top so I was hoping to find boots in my inventory and I tried on a few pairs before it clicked. “I KNOW WHAT BOOTS!” I blurted out to my mom and co-blogger.

Details after the cut.

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PIDIDDLE,Lara Hurley and Line @ Pure Juice


More cuteness from Pure Juice!  There is so much cute stuff that I can’t resist putting together looks using it all.  This look includes items from PIDIDDLE , Lara Hurley Skins and Line which can all be found at Pure Juice when it opens to the public on March 5th!

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week #16 – Teal


Teal is another one of my do not touch colors.  I have plenty of turquoise, but very few pieces of teal.  A trip to one of my fave stores remedied the problem fast and help me put together a casual nod to spring look.

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #7 – Cerise


Cerise.  The color that I mostly avoid.  Sure, I probably have tons of hot pink in my inventory because I have a crazy need to have an item in every single color available but I hardly ever wear this color.  This week I tried to present a different interpretation of cerise that wasn’t Barbie or girly and I ended up with a very different urban styling than my norm.  Thank goodness green is next week’s color.

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52 Weeks of Color: Week #1 – Grey

Blogger Color Challenge Week #1

In an effort to keep Shangri La Style moving and to get me in some sort of schedule, I decided to participate in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color blogger challenge.  Grey is one of my favorite colors, so this week’s challenge was easy for me.  The hard part was trying to take a picture with shadows without crashing.

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