52 Weeks of Color – Coral

Shangri La Style 1-15-2012

When Luna announced the color of coral I didn’t find anything coral in my inventory so I was left browsing the tons and tons of items on market.   I pleasantly came across this skirt which I purchased.  I hadn’t realized how long it was and when I put it on I knew the Coral pumps from Hucci that I had weren’t going to work so I went to find a shirt instead.  I ended up coming across this cute top from The Sea Hole but with the shape of the neckline and style of shirt with the skirt it wasn’t working… paired with this white crop jacket though, it’s perfect.  Then was the dilemma of shoes… at this point I’d already purchased the skirt and top so I was hoping to find boots in my inventory and I tried on a few pairs before it clicked. “I KNOW WHAT BOOTS!” I blurted out to my mom and co-blogger.

Details after the cut.

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Accessories Make the Look – LOTD 1/7/2012

Today’s look is all about the accessories.  I started with a very basic outfit, using mesh pieces from Maitreya and celoe.  The fun starts with the accessories!  Brand new mesh shoes and clutch from Hucci forms the color palette of the outfit.  Necklaces from Zaara, earrings from Amorous, and a very funky hairstyle from new hair store Likeli completes this look. Continue reading

Maybe Turkey Day? – LOTD 11/24/11

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it. It may not be entirely obvious, but Thanksgiving inspired my look today.  This is a very typical me look, take a cute dress, throw on a jacket and heels and instant pulled together look.  I know you’re wondering by now, how did Thanksgiving inspire this look? Continue reading

Demure Sexy

Being a child of the South and basically brow-beaten to act like a lady, its hard for me to show my sexy side.  Even in SL, where you don’t have to worry about having too much body fat, stretchmarks and the cellulite.  The latest releases from Hucci, lets you be all the sexy you want to be without the slutty. Continue reading

Back Grinding – LOTD 9/9/2011

After a break from blogging for awhile, I’m back!  I’ve been uninspired of late, but this new mesh dress from Hucci inspired me with the pretty blue hues.  I decided to pair the blue with purple and blue punches from my accessories.  I hope you love this look as much as I do!

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Summer Light – LOTD 4/29/2011

Spring, or as I like to call it “Summer Light” is in full swing around these parts.  The beautiful days are keeping me away from blogging regularly and more towards a “enjoy the day” mindset.  These ultra cute rompers from Hucci and the feather extensions from Pididdle puts me in a very relaxed mood, much like my RL mood.  The April Gift skin from Exodi, which I have basically lived in all month long, just adds the right amount of sun-kissed goodness to keep my mind hazing in the warm Georgian sun.

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Simplistic – LOTD 3/23/11

Just a little casual look for today.  I really wanted to show off the new gorgeous dresses from Hucci and the awesome sexy shoes from Nardcotix. Make sure you visit both stores to check them out, it is so worth it. Also, why is flickr pixelating my pictures to high hell?  I’m using imgur to host my pictures to keep the pixelating down, but its getting hella frustrating.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week #15 – Red


My video card went nuclear last week, so I’m behind in my blogging. Not that I actually blog anything right on release, mind you.  I hate that I didn’t get this one out in time though.  This dress is so sexy, as is everything that you can expect from Hucci.  Its one of the latest release, make sure you go check it out.

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Miss Linda


[PXL] released the much anticipated Linda G3 skin today.  Let me tell you, this is a must-demo skin, especially if you are big fan of  [PXL] and the lips are to die for.   I’m showing here the dark tone (of course) which is not available to everyone yet.  Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Tan are available in store today. The Dark and Pale tones are to be released at the upcoming Skin Fair on February 13 .  If you are a VIP group member, Linda Dark and Pale are available to you today. Stop by [PXL] and demo the new Linda today!

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