Demure Sexy

Being a child of the South and basically brow-beaten to act like a lady, its hard for me to show my sexy side.  Even in SL, where you don’t have to worry about having too much body fat, stretchmarks and the cellulite.  The latest releases from Hucci, lets you be all the sexy you want to be without the slutty. Continue reading


Bah Humbug to Monday.. but yay for more MESH

I’m going to ramble a bit and then get to the point.  I tried going to sleep at a reasonable time last night and after laying in bed for 4 hours I gave up.  Came on SL and surprise, I guess today was Christmas for me because I got these totally awesome new MESH MESH MESH dresses from JANE.

Shangri La Style 8-29-2011

Please ignore the quality of this photo, that’s actually what the title of the post is about.  Anything that could go wrong trying to take this photo did.  I’m having the worse issues with my graphics and I don’t even know what to do anymore.  OpenGL issue with a GTX 460 card. Anyone else having this problem or had that can help me troubleshoot that would be awesome.

Anyway, to the point… How totally cute are those boots?  While I was digging through my inventory to find the right shoes I got the Lelutka notice for these new boots so I went over and grabbed them and my look was complete.

Stytling details after the cut.

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Oversized Sweater 12/27/10

LOTD Dec 27 2010

I might be the last person to know about The Dressing Room but I had a lot of fun a few days ago getting new items and really enjoyed my time at TDR and TDR blue.  One of my favorite purchases of the trip was this giant purple oversized sweater.  I wish I had one RL, but I don’t so I’ll just wear it in SL and live in my pretend world where I can get virtually whatever I want.  One of the many reasons I love SL.

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #5 – Sepia


I’m a week late posting my latest entry for the 52 weeks of color challenge.  Last Monday, my motherboard died on me and I had to wait until a new one was delivered.  Of course, this threw me off on all of my planned blogging for last week and this week.  So lets just pretend that we did a little time travel back to last week and that this color is new. I also am testing out a new blogging format, I like clean lines and the uniformity of it.

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The Snowflake Experience 12/2/10

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been quiet for awhile but no worries, I’m back from moving in RL and ready to go.  I’m starting you off with a preview of what you can expect at The Snowflake Experience starting December 4th, 2010.

The Snowflake Experience includes 60 stores. Each store will have an exclusive item which will only be available at the event location.  Proceeds from sales will benefit an RL organization Toys for Tots (  Also for those of you who love hunts or those gacha fanatics there is something for you as well.  There is a sim wide hunt which you are searching for red and white striped candy canes and each designer has one hidden.  The gacha festival will be held a few days from now so details regarding that will be blogged later. Hopefully we can raise a lot of money before the Christmas holiday to benefit the children that are in need.

I’ve received a few items from designers this afternoon so I’ll start by sharing those with you.  First off is this gorgeous teal dress created by Angelina Eizenberg, INDIE ROSE designer.  Each purchase of this dress will donate 100% profit to the charity Toys for Tots.  This dress also comes in black and that version donates 50%.

LOTD Dec 2 2010

In the background of the photo you can see an adorable Christmas inspired chair made by Amaliscious Destiny called Santa’s Easy Chair.  This is her exclusive item and if you look on the ground just by the chair you will see the hunt gift from Indie Rose.

Credits after the cut.

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