Accessories Make the Look – LOTD 1/7/2012

Today’s look is all about the accessories.  I started with a very basic outfit, using mesh pieces from Maitreya and celoe.  The fun starts with the accessories!  Brand new mesh shoes and clutch from Hucci forms the color palette of the outfit.  Necklaces from Zaara, earrings from Amorous, and a very funky hairstyle from new hair store Likeli completes this look. Continue reading


Maybe Turkey Day? – LOTD 11/24/11

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it. It may not be entirely obvious, but Thanksgiving inspired my look today.  This is a very typical me look, take a cute dress, throw on a jacket and heels and instant pulled together look.  I know you’re wondering by now, how did Thanksgiving inspire this look? Continue reading

A Day in Battery Park – LOTD 6/11/2011

Much to the horror of my family, friends and my ever-loving boyfriend, the HUB decided to bring back Jem and the Holograms to television.  This has caused quite a ruckus around the Urriah-Republic household, as I’ve taken to wearing tons of neon colors and singing to the top of my lungs.  Who didn’t want to be a rock star when they were six?  Today I took my 80’s rockstar look to Battery Park to partake in the gorgeousness around.  Rockstars like art, right?

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CH1C Goodies!

I Got a fabulous little notice today to come check out the CHIC Birthday event happening on the Tropical Bliss sim and went on over. I was delighted to see Ms. Rhapzody Wilde of Mynerva had this lovely Bianca skin available for the event. It’s adorable! The features on the face are very natural and aesthetically pleasing. I popped over to the event and ten minutes later booked it home with the most adorable loot! The outfit and hair were also purchased at the venue. Get them while their out…all in one convenient shopping location.

LOTD 6/4/11

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Simplistic – LOTD 3/23/11

Just a little casual look for today.  I really wanted to show off the new gorgeous dresses from Hucci and the awesome sexy shoes from Nardcotix. Make sure you visit both stores to check them out, it is so worth it. Also, why is flickr pixelating my pictures to high hell?  I’m using imgur to host my pictures to keep the pixelating down, but its getting hella frustrating.

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The Look – LOTD 11/19/10


Besides boho fare, I am also an 80’s fashion fan.  I guess this stems from having a young mother during that time and watching her get all dressed up in the latest fashions of that time.  I’m pretty sure she had an outfit like this.

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Bamm! – LOTD 11/2/10


I have a big ass.  Well, not as big as some who have shelves trailing behind them, but its big.  In fact, my shapely derriere was the reason why I always was the lingerie girl during my SL modeling days.  It was also the reason why I don’t model anymore; most SL modeling agencies want you to be able to hula hoop with a cheerio and I was unwilling to become a stick figure. Also, without my booty I wouldn’t be able to pull off sleek outfits like this one.

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Another Look of the Day by Me – LOTD 10/27/10


I have no anecdote for today’s look, I’m tired and all that jazz. I’m in love with the skin, the hair, the dress and the shoes so I blogged them.  Also, the pose is by a  new pose maker who happens to be a friend of mine (Hai Suri!). Credits below if you happen to like what I’m wearing; maybe you can come up with a better way of saying how much you love them.  I have no idea if anyone ever reads this blurb after the picture and before the credits anyway. If you do, say hai sometimes : D

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