Back to Business


I have missed blogging and I hope you’ve missed me too because as long as this urge lasts you’re stuck with me.  Photography has almost always been a part of my SL and lately I have seen some really great pieces and I so desperately want to learn the techniques to make better images.  Any tips or tutorial links in the comments are much appreciated.

Most of what I am wearing is from the current March 2014 “Back to Business” round of Collabor 88.  Credits are available after the cut.

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Delicate Portrait

I’m at a crossroad at the moment debating what I want to do with my avatar now.  I’m getting very bored of my current look and having issues finding something that is just “me” if you know what I’m saying.  I ran across this shape/skin combination as I was fiddling around and the image that came across my screen while playing around with my appearance was just so pretty I wanted to snap a photo and share.

Vernice Burks 2-28-2011

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Fabulous Eyes 12/17/10

I was checking out places to get a new skin recently. Don’t get me wrong I’m still glued to my gorgeous skins from Exodi but I wanted something a bit different for a few days and that lead me to Glam Affair where I purchased the new Jadis skin.  I really love this skin it’s got what I deem to be perfect accents and I just love the lips.  Lips and noses on skins are what I’m most picky about and I love them on this skin almost as much as I love the upcoming Sylvan skin at Exodi.

Today a friend of mine was out looking for skins at Glam Affair as well and I noticed the Winter eye makeups that I hadn’t seen while I was there previously so I picked up a pack and I just love them.  I feel like we’re all so spoiled now with tattoo layers because we can wear our favorite skins with our favorite makeups and we don’t need to worry about purchasing fat packs or not being able to buy the best fit for us.  Anyway enough of my tangent… I just did a simple photo to show off the skin and eye makeup tattoo so here it is.

LOTD December 17 2010
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