Gorgeous Mesh Hair from Elikatira

I’m really excited about mesh and this hair is one of the many reasons why I wish more people would update their viewers and embrace mesh.  For a long time I’ve always really been irritated about how our side braids or even longer hairstyles were forever going through our shoulders.  NO MORE!

Vernice Burks 2-8-2012


Here’s just a quick rundown of the styling credits:

New skin for me and my new daily is from Filthy.
The eyes are my normal from Poetic Colors and the lashes are really the best I’ve found and can be found at FTL.
The gorgeous jewelry is from Amorous, if you haven’t been to this store you will not be disappointed.
This sweater dress can be found at Addict and really is a must have for the coming spring.


It Girl – Part 2

Yesterday I blogged this gorgeous new hair and today I wanted to go ahead and give you the full dose.  I had paired the Blacklace corset with a pair of jeans and these sexy black boots.  If you look closely at the corset it in this photo it looks a bit different and that’s because I’ve detached the sculpt attachment and let just the detailing of the system layer corset show.  As I mentioned yesterday this corset is only available for another week, that is until 1-13-2012 and after that will be discontinued permanently.

Shangri La Style 1-6-2012

Hair: Milana
Skin: Dutch Touch
Corset: Blacklace
Jeans: Cynful
Necklace: Addict
Boots: N-Core
Pose: fri.day
The background is a Photoble from MudHoney.

It Girl – LOTD

I’ve been kinda in a odd place with my av.  I like her appearance don’t get me wrong but 2+ years wearing the same skin gets boring.  Thing is, there is no skin I love more than the Jolie skin from Dutch Touch on my avatar.  When I put a different skin on her, she doesn’t doesn’t feel like “me” anymore so I’m sticking with it for awhile longer.  I did go for a bit of a hair color change though and I’m totally loving this “new” me.

Please don’t overlook this absolutely gorgeous corset I am wearing either that’s only available 50% off until 1/13/2012 at Blacklace before it is permanently discontinued.  Don’t miss out on your chance to pick it up before it’s gone or you’ll be missing out for good.

Shangri La Style 1-5-2012

Hair: Milana
Skin: Dutch Touch
Corset: Blacklace
Necklace: Addict

PS. A huge thank you to Gogo for helping me get rid of those stupid lines on my images and the awful jaggy shadows.

ADDICTed to Bloom Dolls 6/12/2011

I was part of the lag that hit Surf Co. when the lovely Emma Gilmour released these adorable big headed dolls that we’ve come to love called Bloom Dolls.  I immediately purchased the one I thought was best fitting to me before dragging my other two blog partners over to get one as well for a future joint post.

Another wonderful person in my life, Kianna Noel, design of ADDICT has released these really cute dresses in a variety of colors called Luna.  I wanted to share the dress with you but I couldn’t pull it off on *me* so I thought it’d be a good time to bring out my Bloom Doll and pretty her up.  Here are the results.

Shangri La Style 6-10-2011

Credits after the cut.

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Urban Pizzazz

Yay! Urban cuteness! Thank you to the Crack Den Sim of Hathian for your endless displays of fabulous colored walls. It really made taking this pic a blast. Today’s look features on of the newest hairs from !lamb called Smoke shown in powder. The skin I originally got from the skin fair a little while back from Cheerno. It has great coloring on the eyes without need of a tattoo layer for extra color. The hoodie was another one of my wonderful steals from Ducknipple. The store is full of goodies that come cheap and in bulk. A lot of items are sold in packs so you get various options for wearing when the mood strikes you.


Blog Pic 6/11/11


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Something Cute 3/23/11

Shangri La Stylle 3-23-11

When my good friend Kianna plurked a preview of her Project Themory items for this past weekend I HAD TO HAVE THEM and I meant to post this sooner but it’s been a hectic weekend of RL traveling so I’m just now getting to it.  This shirt really is one of the cutest I’ve seen in SL in a long time.  It’s been some time since I’ve seen something released that I had to have no matter what the cost.  I put this on as soon as I got my grabby hands on it and haven’t taken it off yet (ewww).  Mind you it’s only been a day and a half but anyway.  I paired it with some of my favorite high wasted jeans and my all time favorite pair of shoes which makes this outfit my new default Quickchange outfit.  You know, for those times when SL just will not rez your avatar and you have to run the character test just to uncloud yourself. You can’t see it very well in this post but the skin I’m in is just GORGEOUS, it’s made by Ryker Beck of Exodi and it’s her newest release called Sylvan.  It is so unique compared to her other releases.  This one has a very soft and face and delicate lip structure; I’d say it’s the little sister to Isolde.  I will be doing a more in depth post of the skin in the coming days so I’ll leave you with the credits for this post for now.  Hope you enjoyed my cute look for today!

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 16 Teal

Shangri La Stylel 2-26-11

I’ve been gone for awhile from blogging, big apologies for that!  My graphics card was having issues so I was waiting anxiously to be able to get parts to build a new PC.  All that aside I’m just going to join in the color challenge for this week.  I really love how the LISP store has redone their sim and have seen myself soaking up some sun on that beach for some time now and I finally got to do that yesterday.  I used pose 123 (I think) from Glitterati.  I do love their new bedroom sets but I didn’t end up getting anything more than this great photo on my trip to the shop.  The teal top I have on is one of my summer go to tops from a few years ago. Judge me.  It’s from Artilleri and I totally love it.  I paired it with my favorite shorts made by Kianna Noel and these sculpted flip flop feet things from J’s Real Toes.  I’ve been wearing this hair for awhile and I’m not sure what color it is but it is from Truth and the skin is from Laq.

(Apologies for this not being my typical style of blogging with the credits and such below the post.)

52 Weeks of Color – Week #9 – Silver


I’m still 52’ing, can’t believe it.  Oh, and I hope all of you all had an awesome winter holidays or whatever you call it, all two of you. Anyway, this week’s color was silver and I was going for a laid back glam look.  I also was supposed to do this week with Vernice but it didn’t happen.  Maybe our next post will be together.  Who knows!

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Fabulous Eyes 12/17/10

I was checking out places to get a new skin recently. Don’t get me wrong I’m still glued to my gorgeous skins from Exodi but I wanted something a bit different for a few days and that lead me to Glam Affair where I purchased the new Jadis skin.  I really love this skin it’s got what I deem to be perfect accents and I just love the lips.  Lips and noses on skins are what I’m most picky about and I love them on this skin almost as much as I love the upcoming Sylvan skin at Exodi.

Today a friend of mine was out looking for skins at Glam Affair as well and I noticed the Winter eye makeups that I hadn’t seen while I was there previously so I picked up a pack and I just love them.  I feel like we’re all so spoiled now with tattoo layers because we can wear our favorite skins with our favorite makeups and we don’t need to worry about purchasing fat packs or not being able to buy the best fit for us.  Anyway enough of my tangent… I just did a simple photo to show off the skin and eye makeup tattoo so here it is.

LOTD December 17 2010
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