Big Mamma’s Jacket – LOTD 7/22/2011

LOTD 7-22-2011
This look was inspired by the lovely jacket from d. Select that reminds me of one of my treasured possessions is an old quilted jacket. I was lucky to have known my great-grandparents, and even luckier to have two of my great-grandparents still alive and well into advanced age. Anyway, my great-grandmother, whom we lovely called Big Mamma, was a seamstress at times. She had this tradition that she handmade a quilt each time a grandchild got married. She passed away before I received my quilt. Continue reading


Nonsense – LOTD 11/17/10


Long sleeves and shorts never looked right to me at all.  I cringe every time I see someone wearing the dreaded combination in RL.  In SL however, I think it looks hot, I have no idea why.

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Girl from Around the Way – LOTD 10/14/10


A few months back I shocked my friends and family by shaving my shoulder length relaxed hair to a short cropped natural style.  Today, I decided to try to recreate my short cropped hair in SL.  A bonus of having short cropped hair is that it draws attention away from the hair and towards the outfit.

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Something, Something, Boho, Something – LOTD 10/9/10


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know that I have a soft spot for all things bohemian.  I’m always on the lookout for the perfect maxi skirt, and I think I’ve finally found one that wraps all sorts of boho goodness.  Zaara’s new Trishna skirt set the stage for this look.  Combined with a simple tank, a cardi for the cooler temperatures, a big ol’ bag and a scarf just cause, this outfit is my fav so far.

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