Wendy is Unique

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things with blogging, and what better way to get back into the groove with doing a skin review.  Unique Megastore recently released Wendy to its line up, and just for today I’m going pale to show you her.
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Demure Sexy

Being a child of the South and basically brow-beaten to act like a lady, its hard for me to show my sexy side.  Even in SL, where you don’t have to worry about having too much body fat, stretchmarks and the cellulite.  The latest releases from Hucci, lets you be all the sexy you want to be without the slutty. Continue reading

Vintage Me – LOTD 11/11

When I started SL four years ago, I had a mission to always dress in vintage wear.  I was going through that stage in real life, and sought out everything that said 40’s and 50’s wear to me.  Of course I’ve taken a very big detour in that philosophy today, but today there is nothing sexier than wearing a tight pencil skirt with line nylons and sky-high stilettos. The Vintage Fair, opening today at 4PM SLT, delivers all of the sexy vintage styles plus more. Continue reading

Back Grinding – LOTD 9/9/2011

After a break from blogging for awhile, I’m back!  I’ve been uninspired of late, but this new mesh dress from Hucci inspired me with the pretty blue hues.  I decided to pair the blue with purple and blue punches from my accessories.  I hope you love this look as much as I do!

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Happy Labor Day, America!

For Americans, Labor Day is a day to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers.  I don’t know much more about it except that when I was a kid it always meant a day off school which was awesome!
Shangri La Style 9-5-2011

This blog post really came out of nowhere when I was texture shopping at Distressed, located on the Eternidad sim, and saw the adorable landscaping.  As I looked out across the field I spotted this swingset and hopped on in exactly what I was wearing for a photo.  Then I thought I may as well blog it since I had the photo and pretty cute look already done. Continue reading

Grammar Tips & Tricks

I’m not writing this post to be some kind of big jerkface or anything.  I am writing it because I have been asked by a few people on Plurk who genuinely do not understand the proper use of words I will be discussing below.  Writing this does not mean that I am correct 100% of the time so if I ever make a mistake in a post don’t shoot me down.

There, their, and they’re.

Just a few tips to keep in mind to keep these straight. You will use there when referring to a place whether a physical place or abstract.  There are two examples below.

Your shoes are over there on the floor. or There are so many fashion blogs!

Moving along.. to decipher when to use their you need to remember when using this form it implies a particular noun possesses the thing you are referring to.

Their clothes were all over the floor.  In that sentence we use their because the clothes belong to someone.

Finally, we will look at they’re. Words with an apostrophe all work pretty similar.  It’s important to think logically about what you are putting it in place of.

They’re at the mall. This implies that a group of people are involved. It can only be used as a subject (who or what does the action) or a verb (the action itself). They’re closing the mall at 6 tonight.

Your, You’re

When you are trying to use these be mindful that any time you want to use you’re you could easily replace you are in that sentence.

Example:  I hope you’re going to buy new news for the wedding, I really want to go shopping with you.

Anytime that rule wouldn’t fit then you’re going to use the your variation. Example: Your shoes are awesome, I wish I would have gone shopping with you.

Its and It’s.

These work very similar to the your and you’re statements above. When you say the sentence without the apostrophe it should make sense. It’s can be replaced with “it is” or “it has” so be careful to not use it incorrectly.

Its implies something is “of” or “belonging to”.

That store is known for its awesome sales.

It’s not my fault she was late because she lost her keys.  Pay attention to the use of it’s and how it could say:  It is not my fault… instead of using the ‘s.

It’s come to my attention … is a correct way to use it’s for it has.

I hope that makes sense to you all.  That was one that I had issues with for awhile until I got it drilled in my head.  When in doubt say it out.  If it is or it has doesn’t work then use its instead.

To, too, and two.

This one is probably one of my biggest pet peeves of grammar after the your and you’re.

People often mix two up with the other two.

Two belongs with words that also begin with ‘tw’ like twice and twenty that involve the number 2.  Two is a number so if you are not saying it in place of a number you won’t be using two in your sentence.

When deciding on what form to use if you are not talking about 2 of something try to remember the only meanings of too are also and in excess.

Your iPod is playing too loudly.  The extra O should remind you that the word is adding on to something.

For all other instances you will use to.

I am going to the store to check out this huge sale I was told about.

If you keep the rules in mind you shouldn’t have a mix-up with those anymore.

I didn’t want to get too nit picky with all of this, I just really wanted to throw out some examples and little tips and tricks that I’ve used along the way for those who asked.  Following the cut I will add just a few more challenge words that were suggested I cover but I didn’t feel were as necessary to make a huge point about.

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Bah Humbug to Monday.. but yay for more MESH

I’m going to ramble a bit and then get to the point.  I tried going to sleep at a reasonable time last night and after laying in bed for 4 hours I gave up.  Came on SL and surprise, I guess today was Christmas for me because I got these totally awesome new MESH MESH MESH dresses from JANE.

Shangri La Style 8-29-2011

Please ignore the quality of this photo, that’s actually what the title of the post is about.  Anything that could go wrong trying to take this photo did.  I’m having the worse issues with my graphics and I don’t even know what to do anymore.  OpenGL issue with a GTX 460 card. Anyone else having this problem or had that can help me troubleshoot that would be awesome.

Anyway, to the point… How totally cute are those boots?  While I was digging through my inventory to find the right shoes I got the Lelutka notice for these new boots so I went over and grabbed them and my look was complete.

Stytling details after the cut.

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Meet Mya ft. Collabor88

Shangri La Style 8-26-2011

This look features items from the Collabor88 project made by some of my favorite designers.  Everything there is 88L so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t. Get the look details after the cut and if you really want to you can read the stuff in between. ❤

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The Magic of Mesh <333

I was nervous about mesh, I’ll be honest.  Tonight with the newest release from Janie Marlow, I’ve fallen in love with mesh.  How incredible is it that we won’t have sculpts going through our little avi bodies anymore! I’m totally siked!

Shangri La Style 8-23-2011

In order to see mesh items properly you need to be on the latest LL released Beta viewer.  Viewer 3!  Don’t worry, it isn’t so bad! I promise you won’t melt or anything by logging on an LL viewer.  You can read more about mesh on the Second Life Blog http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld/Mesh-goes-gridwide-Create-sell-buy-amp-enjoy-all-new-things-in/ba-p/1055107

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Platinum Hunt 2 Teasers

The Platinum Hunt 2 is set to return on August 12th at 4PM SLT.  Same rules as last hunt, and let me tell you that the designers outdid themselves on the rewards.  Here are just a few of the many gorgeous items you will be hunting for:

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