Meet Mya ft. Collabor88

Shangri La Style 8-26-2011

This look features items from the Collabor88 project made by some of my favorite designers.  Everything there is 88L so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t. Get the look details after the cut and if you really want to you can read the stuff in between. ❤

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #8 – Green


YAY GREEN!!!  I was so glad to see this color, so glad in fact that this blog was written on Wednesday morning and published today!  Green is actually a color that I have tons of in my inventory, but instead of blogging something old I did a play on the new-ish and wonderfully sexy Naomi dress from Hucci.  I normally cover up and wear these sorts of dresses as tunics, but I couldn’t resist showing a little leg!

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52 Weeks of Color – Week #7 – Cerise


Cerise.  The color that I mostly avoid.  Sure, I probably have tons of hot pink in my inventory because I have a crazy need to have an item in every single color available but I hardly ever wear this color.  This week I tried to present a different interpretation of cerise that wasn’t Barbie or girly and I ended up with a very different urban styling than my norm.  Thank goodness green is next week’s color.

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The Look – LOTD 11/19/10


Besides boho fare, I am also an 80’s fashion fan.  I guess this stems from having a young mother during that time and watching her get all dressed up in the latest fashions of that time.  I’m pretty sure she had an outfit like this.

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52 Weeks of Color: Week #1 – Grey

Blogger Color Challenge Week #1

In an effort to keep Shangri La Style moving and to get me in some sort of schedule, I decided to participate in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color blogger challenge.  Grey is one of my favorite colors, so this week’s challenge was easy for me.  The hard part was trying to take a picture with shadows without crashing.

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Bamm! – LOTD 11/2/10


I have a big ass.  Well, not as big as some who have shelves trailing behind them, but its big.  In fact, my shapely derriere was the reason why I always was the lingerie girl during my SL modeling days.  It was also the reason why I don’t model anymore; most SL modeling agencies want you to be able to hula hoop with a cheerio and I was unwilling to become a stick figure. Also, without my booty I wouldn’t be able to pull off sleek outfits like this one.

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Girl from Around the Way – LOTD 10/14/10


A few months back I shocked my friends and family by shaving my shoulder length relaxed hair to a short cropped natural style.  Today, I decided to try to recreate my short cropped hair in SL.  A bonus of having short cropped hair is that it draws attention away from the hair and towards the outfit.

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