Arriving Fashionably Late

Are you fashionably late? Starting today at 4PM, you will be. The team behind the many successful fashion events of late brings to you a whole new experience. Along with a brand new and gorgeous sim, CHIC Management is presenting a new shopping event, Fashionably Late. Each week the resident designers, a very impressive list of the hottest SL designers, along with a special guest will make an item available to you at outlet prices. I’m giving you just a little sneak peak of the loveliness available from Fishy Strawberry and Ivalde. Trust me, once you see everything that’s available this week,you will love every bit of it! Make sure you arrive to the opening of Fashionably Late on time!

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CHIC Limited April

Just a little reminder that CHIC Limited is underway!  The event runs from April 16th through April 30 and this month’s theme is Cherry Blossoms.  There are tons of cuteness there, so much so that I couldn’t decide what to show.  I wanted to showcase all of it but my limited time only allows for a taste.  Anyway, make sure you drag your behinds over there and look at all the nice stuff from all the talented designers involved.

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Pure Juice Sneak Peek

CHIC Management and the Juicy sims have teamed up to bring you one of the most colorful and fun shopping events, Pure Juice!! There are tons of cute clothes, poses, and even pre-fabs! Today I show you two of the many outfits you can find there, which will be open to the public on March 5th.  I’ve also used two hairstyles from one of my favorite hair stores, Fab-U-Lous.  Alisivia Tyran makes some of the trendiest hair around geared towards the African-American hair aesthetic, but it can work for everyone so make sure you make a trip there and check it out . Make sure you mark your calendars for March 5th and get everything in sight!!!

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CHIC Limited February – Sneak Peak

I was unable to cover the last two events from CHIC Management but I’m totally in for this month!  CHIC Management is presenting CHIC Limited, opening on Feb. 12.  The theme for this session is Anti-Valentine and the designers have made a whole lot of awesome!  Trust me, you will love everything there.  I wanted to shoot everything ,but my computer doesn’t want to cooperate. I manage to show you two of the lovely and creative outfits there before the computer gets nuts, hopefully I will be able to show more later on:


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With Love Hunt Sneak Preview


Chic Management brings you yet another can’t miss hunt.  The With Love Hunt starts on November 26th and features 100 stores.  Each item will cost L$10 and the starting point is at the Le Cirque sim.  Pictured above are three of the fabulous items you can get!  Make sure you wake from your turkey comas and put your hunting shoes on after all of your Black Friday shopping!

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The Call for Couture Festival Sneak Peek


Chic Management, the planning geniuses behind the Platinum Hunt, Summer of Love Fair and the Black and Blue Fair; is bringing couture to a whole new level.  The Call for Couture Festival opens on October 10th and will include 185 brands.  Each designer will have out a pret-a-porter exclusive outfit ready to purchase.  Also, there will also be a limited edition couture outfit for auction with half the proceeds going to UK registered charity The Samaritans (Reg charity number: 219432).  Since the auction items are one of a kind, I have a couple of the pret-a-porter outfits to show you.  Trust me, you will faint at the sight of abundant fabulosity!

cfc looks

Make sure you make time and room in your inventory to support this fabulous and important cause!  Your wallet may hurt afterward but you will have some hotness in your arsenal!

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Hair Fair 2010 Sneek Peek


I was honored to be chosen as a blogger for this year’s Hair Fair event, benefiting Wigs for Kids.  Not only the cause is near and dear to my heart, but buying tons of hair is right down my alley also.  So, instead of my usual fashion mix, I decided to show you two of my favorite hairs this year thus far. Trust me, it was hard to pick but I know that I’ll be doing more posts during the week featuring all of the pretties I scored tonight.


This year the Hair Fair sims this year are set up like backstage at Bryant Park, with each hair vendor set up in the styling booths. Each vendor also have a hair out benefiting the Wigs for Kids charity and some vendors also have placed awesome freebies out. The sims aren’t in a block of four like years past, instead they are set up in blocks of two to minimize server-side lag.  Of course, not all lag is server-side and with a huge event as this, there is bound to be client side lag as well.  Be patient, the fair is running from the September 4th until September 19, allowing for tons of time to get your favorite purchases. So be prepared and have fun shopping!

Project Unicef: Avant

The Project Donate sim will be opening it’s doors in just about 40 minutes and I wanted to quickly share with you my personal contribution to this relief effort. You can read more about the project itself here:

Avant released four items for this event; 2 couples poses and 2 pose packs. These items can be found at the mainstore location or at the Project Donate sim.


letitrainvendor copy



Mainstore Location:

The AVANT Poses Team consists of myself, Aradia Dielli, and Kianna Noel

Check out our website for all news pertaining to Avant.

UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund 4 – 19 September 2010

The following post is as seen on

I’m re-posting this info about UNICEF Project for anyone that may be interested in helping. This is short notice but please consider taking part in this event as it is helping people in immediate need.

UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund 4 – 19 September 2010

Dear lovely SL merchant! ❤

I know this is very short notice but this may be something we can do on a regular and ongoing basis. UNICEF are currently raising funds for the Pakistan Flood Crisis. Millions of people have been affected and thousands are without homes.

If you’d like to be part of this fund raising effort you could donate all or part of the proceeds of an item/s (I’d like to request at least 50% of your item/s – can be exclusive, existing, discounted whatever you like!) The point is to raise as much money as we can in the 2 week period.

I will be donating 100% of the proceeds of one hairstyle and doubling the amount raised off my item to go towards this cause. I’ll advertise the fund through my update group and list all the merchants involved. I have ordered a sim “Project Donate” from which you will vend your items (in addition to your own locations). You are free to landmark to your own stores from this location which will be entirely removed from my own sim.

I’ve created an account “Unicef Rainfall” which will collect the proceeds. Once you confirm you’d like to participate I’ll send out all necessary split scripts etc. You will also need a group space available to place your item/s.

Thank you for considering and hope to have you on board!

If you’d like to move forward just send Unicef Rainfall a notecard with your name, store, landmark…sorry this is all a bit informal at the moment 😛

Truth Hawks

UNICEF Project Application (Designers)

Your name:
Your brands name:
Your mainstore lm:
Any other designers within the brand:
How many items would you like to donate:
At what percentage (going to the charity:
Any other notes:

Please be warned you will need a group space!

UNICEF Project Application (Bloggers)

Your name:
Your blogs url:
How long has your blog been active:
Will you be available on the 3rd of September for pre-event access?:
Have you blogged about this event already?:

Please be warned you will need a group space!

Think Pink Hunt Preview

Think Pink

For all of you pink lovers, there is a new hunt for you.  Think Pink Hunt starts tomorrow, August 30th and runs to September 30th.  I’ve put together three looks using some of the many pinkerific items available. There are 50 participants and the start part is at CandyDoll.  Have Fun Hunters!

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