Meet Mya ft. Collabor88

Shangri La Style 8-26-2011

This look features items from the Collabor88 project made by some of my favorite designers.  Everything there is 88L so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t. Get the look details after the cut and if you really want to you can read the stuff in between. ❤

I had been searching Second Life for awhile now to find my place.  I’ve been in many scenes since joining SL back in 2006.. from clubbing to stripping to modeling but mostly I was involved in family RP.  At one point I was a teacher at an elementary school run by resident Jill Caldera.  I had a tough go as a parent in SL and it seemed like I was always sad and I never felt completely fulfilled.

I am a role-player at heart and I really was craving to get into some very involved RP but it was difficult to get that through random adoptions of child avatars and everyone having different expectations.  I am loving my two SL daughters so much but neither are on very often and I started to feel lonely so I went out to find something I enjoyed.

My friend and fellow Shangri La Sister, Katelynn Ashland, had told me that I should go and try out The Crack Den headed by nadir Taov.  I wasn’t sure about it as I’m not familiar with that ‘scene’ of urban life involving crime and drugs and whatever else.

All that aside I decided I’d go for it.  I took advantage of the Display Name feature finally and I became Mya.  She is a 23 year old college student who is a bit naiive of street life although she grew up in the city of Hathian. (That’s the main sim in the Crack Den cluster of sims).  She never got involved in crime or violence growing up because she was too focused on her grades and desire to graduate as Valedictorian, which she did.  Her full details for anyone interested can be viewerd in my profile (Vernice Burks).  All that said, I am thoroughly enjoying roleplaying on the Crack Den sims and just wanted to share a bit about what I’m up to now that I finally have a working computer.

Dress: The Seahole – Collabor88 (Group Gift)
Elikatira – Breeze – Collabor88
Dutch Touch – Jolie
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: FTL