Ms. Jolie

As you can probably tell from my posts, I really love skins. I especially love trying out skins from brands on the rise. Filthy Skins have been getting tons of coverage of late from the blogs, but because I primarily wear tan and dark skins I stayed away from them because they had a bit too much red undertones for my taste. The newest skin, Jolie, however impressed me so much that I photographed myself in pale tones, something that I never do.

Jolie is available in six beautiful tones: Ivory, Pale, Sunkissed, Bronze, Cocoa and Expresso;  that are sure to please everyone. What about the reddish tones that I noted earlier? In the darker tones, there are a bit redder than I like but greatly toned down from previous releases.  In fact, the dark Expresso tone is almost perfection in my opinion.

Jolie comes in fatpacks of eight makeups with tattoo cleavage layers for a steal price of L$1800. All in all a lovely skin for a very lovely price!

Get This Look:
Hair: Slink Rebecca Hair Java
Lingerie: {Luxuria} Dot
Shoes: :CB: Plain Jane Pumps
*EverGlow* – Model 487
*EverGlow* – Model 488
*EverGlow* – Model 481
*EverGlow* – Model 490
*EverGlow* – Model 495
*EverGlow* – Model 424